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This Teaching Enhancement Program (TEP) is designed to enable teachers to present current, relevant topics in marine biology and oceanography to their students. It was developed at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML), which is host to a graduate program in marine science for a consortium of seven campuses in the California State University system. The director of TEP is  Dr. Simona Bartl, an adjunct professor at MLML with research interests in comparative immunology, molecular biology, and science education.

Marine research topics and supporting curricula are provided to teachers who participate in Summer Teacher Workshops. Each participant receives the curriculum packet and classroom support during the upcoming school year. Curriculum topics are based on the work and interests of researchers at MLML. Graduate students with expertise in a particular topic assist with all aspect of the workshop and supporting program.

The workshop curriculum can be supplemented by either classroom visits or tours of MLML. Teachers who are using the curriculum can request classroom visitations from program staff and MLML graduate students. During the classroom visits, teachers receive assistance with the curriculum, access to biological samples and specimens, and/or presentations on research at MLML. On-site tours of MLML can be scheduled through the Friends of MLML.