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Simona Bartl

Simona Bartl


Research Faculty, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
B.S., University of California at Davis
Ph.D., University of California at San Diego
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Teaching Enhancement Program:
K-12 Education and Outreach:


Specific Research Interests:

My research falls into three categories. First, I have a long-standing interest in the evolution of the adaptive immune system. I study the molecules involved in immunity in cartilaginous fishes and protochordates. Second, I am interested in using molecular techniques to find previously unattainable answers to questions in marine biology. In particular I am looking at species identification in bivalves. Third, I am working with middle and high school teachers to bring a better understanding of scientific research and SMT (science, math, technology) concepts to their students.

Currently, we are piloting new Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle Activities that are available to K-12 teachers and their students.